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As the pandemic drags on, it is easy to forget the essence of the holidays: The awe of the return of the light after a long dark night. This post contains a complete toolkit for bringing more awe into your holiday this year. 


When my life fell apart last winter, these six rituals kept me from losing my marbles. May they inspire others to reconnect to hope, love, comfort, and faith during this season of inward reflection. 


Since the beginning of recorded human history and throughout millennia, we humans have prepared our young people develop the skills and dispositions they need to succeed as an adult via an archetypal process of rites of passage. We have lost that, and our young people are suffering as a result. This article that I wrote offers an innovative approach to redesigning rites of passage for contemporary contexts.


As the pandemic forces us to reimagine graduation, students can take this opportunity to reimagine their futures in this simple graduation ritual.

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A crazy (and true!) story of a surprise rite of passage in Mary Magdalene's grotto in the south of France.


Rituals -- when designed correctly -- can give us access to our deeper (lower-case "s") souls and help us tell new stories about old wounds. In this episode of Shame Pinata, I talk with producer Colleen Thomas about how that works.  Plus: One painful rite of passage that got me interested in this work a long time ago.

Creating Community and Purpose Through Ritual (Grinnell College Alumni News)

This interview is based on a lovely conversation with writer Anne Stein from my alma mater, Grinnell College, about the importance of ritual especially during a pandemic.

Shame Piñata producer Colleen Thomas interviewed me for this wonderful new podcast that explores the world of self-designed ritual. This episode includes a couple of personal stories of my own rituals over the years.

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