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1:1 Life Transition Coaching

For major transitions or smaller daily life rituals.

  • 45 minutes
  • Free consultation
  • All meetings are virtual for now.

Service Description

Rites of passage are one-time ceremonies that mark the passage of one phase of life to another. Examples include moving to a new home, job transitions, death of a loved one, marriages, or becoming parents. These life transitions often catalyze seated changes in identity, meaning, and purpose. They can also bring up a lot of complicated emotions! But when integrated with clarity and intention, they can become the most empowering and enriching times of our life. Creating and enacting a rites of passage ceremony is a meaningful tool to focus these changes, and to help you navigate your transition with greater ease and wisdom. Working together, we will explore the nature of your transition, how you're managing it, as well as any internal stories you have about it that are complicating matters. Using your own personally meaningful symbols and metaphors, we will create a rite of passage ceremony for you that speaks to your mind, body, heart, and spirit as well as a follow-up plan to support you, post-transition. Reach out for a free 30-min consultation.

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