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New Home Rituals (SF Bay Area)

A more meaningful approach to housewarming.

  • 30 minutes
  • Free 30-min consult.
  • All meetings are virtual.

Service Description

Moving into a new home is a major life transition that brings up all sorts of feels: There's sadness (saying goodbye to the old place) anxiety (all the unknowns...) as well as frustration ("Where the *%&* did we pack the cereal bowls?"). Of course there are plenty of glorious positive feelings of a fresh start as well. It's a huge transition that brings up a mashup of feelings. In a New Home Ritual, I will work with you (and any other family/housemates, if you have them) to design a personally meaningful housewarming ceremony. This is not a housewarming party in the traditional sense, though you could certainly have a ritual be a part of a larger housewarming party. Instead, it would be a focused time together for you (and anyone else you're living with) to state your hopes, dreams, and aspirations for your new home, and enact a short ritual to commit to working towards making those hopes a reality. To create this, we would meet and have a conversation about the house, your intentions, and any meaningful symbols, traditions, and metaphors that we could use to build into a ritual. Once we come to an agreement as to the plan, I we would set a date to meet at your new home for the ritual. I would do a a ritual cleansing of old energies within the home, and officiate a ceremony for you (and your family or housemates). I'd love to help make your house more of a home. Call for a free 30-minute consultation.

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