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Tools to thrive through chaos

Humans have been doing rituals since we first put pigment to cave walls. 


A well-designed ritual is like a Swiss Army Knife for wellness. Rituals help us navigate complicated situations -- individually and together. They give us focus and direction. They create cohesion and encourage collaboration. 

The Center for Ritual Design helps organizations and communities design and implement meaningful rituals to navigate change, fostering deeper connection, and greater purpose. 

We also offer workshops and presentations. 

Contact Betty Ray for a free 30-minute consultation. 


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Betty was a wonderful facilitator! Each session was tailored to meet the needs of the participants with a wonderful flow of interaction, discussion, journaling, questions to think about, and connecting. 


After 4 sessions I felt like I had learned so much about the content of the course. Betty took her time to actively listen to each of us and validated our comments. She was calm, knowledgeable, kind, and caring. I was so impressed with her!




Why initiate young people with rites of passage? 

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